Tandoori Flame Mississauga (Halal)

‘Mississauga has its own Tandoori Flame’

One of a kind Indian Buffet that’ll make your mouth water! Serving Halal

Tandoori Flame is the largest Indian Buffet and Restaurant in North America!



A grand buffet in it’s true, authentic indian flavours taking a modern twist at things.



Hello Mississauga

This brand spanking new ‘Indian Kitchen’ will offer just a little bit more than the ‘North America’s Largest Indian Buffet’ to make your mouth water! After a successful run, Tandoori Flame of ‘Brampton fame’, has added a glamorous new address in the commercial hub of Mississauga, Heartland Town Centre.Our goal is to provide the same taste as we’ve always delivered, to a completely different city and their demands! It’s only because of the encouraging support we get from thousands of people who just want more! We’re proud to say that this new Tandoori Flame will definitely cater to all cravings while giving what everyone wants – a new twist at things! A different class of an ‘indian kitchen’ in it’s own, this restaurant feels a bit rustic, with white brick walls and a hint of warehouse glass, it blends into an array of finely carved indian artifacts and paintings from historic Raja & Rani! Not to mention the fine but classy ‘indian bar’ right at the entrance!All in all, a ‘never been seen before’ indian buffet at it’s best right in the heart of Mississauga, catering to all the hungry people out there!